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That's How I Roll

January 15, 2004

Christian Cage
 Guest Gail Kim, Christian and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Hosts are Josh Matthews and Dr. Tom Pritchard, and it's a mere 10 days away from the Royal Rumble in Philly!

No Droz this week, as he's in hospital - but as a special guest - we're
joined by Gail Kim, who reveals that Christmas is indeed celebrated in
Canada. She's been out of action with a broken collarbone which is,
according to Dr. Tom, one of the most painful breakages. Fortunately
for her, it was a perfect break. However, she has just been informed that
she will have to miss another month, just to be on the safe side. As for
the cause of the injury, Ms. Kim places the blame on Trish. Makes sense
really, as Ms Kim next explains that she fell but was unaware that there was a
breakage until after the match had ended.

Us lucky viewers are able to watch the match, but I'm unable to take
it in - being distracted by the bright, shiny trousers being worn by Trish. I
blame it on the crows.

According to Gail, being off the road is worse than the physical pain. She
sees Trish as good competition, and would one day like to be at her

On winning the Women's Championship on her first night, Gail found it
overwhelming. Also, people didn't know who she was; she had to prove
herself worthy to carry the belt.

Gail will be at the Rumble, just to show her face and watch the event.

Dr. Tom agrees, and believes the two worst things in the business are
having Josh as a partner and being stuck at home. You're good watching tv
for two hours, but then the boredom starts to set in and you eventually drive
yourself crazy.


Joined by Christian, who's doing well and is looking forward to the next RAW brand PPV, which is held in Alberta, Canada. He finds it strange that even
though Alberta is three days drive from his hometown of Ontario - he's still
treated as the hometown boy.

Dr. Tom says he sees some of the same chemistry that was with Edge in
Christian's relationship with Jericho, just a little different.  Concerning
the bet situation - Christian believes Jericho's although Jericho's become a
little soft, after the talk on RAW, everything has been straightened out.

His thoughts on WrestleMania? This is the show that wrestlers work
their asses off for. It was difficult for him last year as he wasn't on the
card. He made a promise to never be on the sidelines again.

Christian's dream tag team partner is Edge, although he says he prefers
singles competition, and believes Edge does as well. His dream feud
would be with Shawn Michaels. He has fought him before, but would prefer a
more long term arrangement.

Christian misses the days of ladders, but thinks they were overused towards
the end.  He believes there is still a place for them though.

On the best ever IC Champion, Christian name checks RVD, Steamboat,
Savage and the Honky Tonk Man.

Christian is not sure which brand Edge will return to, but believes he would
return to Smackdown.

On the cutting of the hair, Christian says it was the right time to do it.  When you are in the public eye you have to change your image, spice up your
style and freshen up. Also it gives people a chance to see what a sexy beast
he is.

Tom adds that he's a big fan of change.

On whether he prefers being a heel or a face, Christian says it's up to the
fans to decide, but he likes being a little bit of a rule breaker.  He would
like to face Benoit, as they have never met in singles competition before,
and would like to go for the world title sometime this year.

Christian took the idea for the Unprettier from Tommy Rogers, who was
using it in Japan.

We watch footage from No Way Out 2003 while we wait for Stone Cold.
Joined by Steve Austin, who's doing good, hunting and drinking.  He enjoyed the trip to Iraq and the opportunity to thank the troops out there. He's looking forward to the WWE's trip to Japan. He's been there three times already, with one three week tour being marred by his wrestling with a torn tricep.

Randy from Ohio asks if it's difficult not being at in ring capacity.  Austin
says yes, but is still having a blast with his new role. He says never say
never to an in ring return. He'll always have a job in the company - and
right now he's working seven days a week in the merchandising department.

On possible movie deals, he's not looking to be an "actor", a word spoken
with a lot of disdain, but if the right role comes along which would allow
him to be the Stone Cold character, he would consider it. Right now he's
doing a beer and camouflage clothing line.

He would love to deliver his final stunner to Bill Goldberg, but believes
Bill will be tied up come Wrestlemania.

On his favourite people to travel with, Stone Cold mentions Kevin Nash,
Brian Pillman and Mick Foley. With Nash, Austin used to have a competition
to see who could stay in the nastiest hotel.

His preferred drink is currently crown and water with lime.

Stone Cold thinks that Triple H's promo about the Sheriff gimmick was
maybe mistimed, and the badge may have been the wrong thing to wear.
However, that 's the name of the game in wrestling, trial and error. He believes a key failing of many of the new guys is that they are not listening to the
reactions of the crowd.  He believes it ids important for the younger guys to find their niche. He advises them to watch every match on the card, like he did. Also to pick the brains of the over guys.

Austin's pick for the Rumble? Goldberg.

Concerning John Cena - Austin's only seen a few of his matches but
thinks he 's still green and isn't sure where Cena's head is at yet. However, he
describes Cena as having a great presence in the ring, good promo ability
and a lot of potential.

The key lesson Stone Cold wants to teach to the new guys is to make more out of less, there's no real need for lots of highspots, or for big guys to act
like Rey. He says that the recent HHH vs. HBK match has been made
available to the younger talent and is interested in seeing how many of them
pick it up.