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That's How I Roll

Christian Cage


PWI 500
Christian has come in at #12 in the PWI 500 for 2006!

Latest Pay-Per-View


Christian Cage vs. Rhino

They circle and tease a test of strength, Cage can't get away and Rhino levels him with a clothesline. Slams Cage to the corner and beats him down. Off the ropes and a press slam by Rhino, escape and then elbows by Cage. Off the ropes, backdrop by Rhino. Gore try but Cage runs to the floor. Back in and an atomic drop by Rhino. Clothesline to Cage. Corner shoulder block to the back of Cage. Clothesline again by Rhino and a cover for 2. Cage tosses Rhino to the floor, Rhino back on the apron and nails Cage and backdrops Cage all the way to the floor! And here we go into the crowd…TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! Rhino beats down Cage in the crowd and up through the bleachers. He tries to toss Cage over the top of the bleachers, but Cage elbows out and nails Rhino repeatedly in the head. Rhino fights back and Cage tumbles down the steps. Cage slammed to a wall now, Rhino charges and MISSES and hits head first. They brawl back to ringside and then up the ramp. IMPLANT DDT by Cage on the ramp and it plays into the concussion…drama! Rhino is busted open now and Cage tosses him back into the ring. Vicious boots by Cage now. He works the cut to open him up more. Rhino has a far away look and can't stand now as Cage continues the attack. More rights by Cage and then a running boot to the head, cover for 2. Chin lock by Cage now. Rhino up, and Cage slams him back down hair first. Cage goes up top…he calls Rhino up…and gets a missile dropkick for 2. Rhino tries to battle back, but Cage gets an inverted DDT. Up top again…FROG SPLASH 1…2…NO! Cage pulls Rhino up and kicks him in the head. Chops by Cage, he charges and MISSES as Rhino drops down. Rights by Rhino, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Cage. Corner shoulder block to Cage. Belly to belly gets 2. Cage tries the Unprettier…countered and a spinebuster by Rhino! Rhino sets for the gore…KICK to the head by Cage! Off he ropes and a powerslam by Rhino gets 2! Slam countered and an eye rake by Cage. Unprettier. 1…2…NO! Cage is pissed! He sets up and calls Rhino on…TKO by Rhino! 1…2…NO! Clothesline try, ref bump and Cage gets an Edge-a-cution. Cage to the floor and grabs 2-chairs. He nails Rhino with one repeatedly. Lays the one down…MISSES the Conchairto! GORE, GORE, GORE by Rhino! Ref is still down though and Rhino goes to revive him. Rhino now sets up Cage for the one-man conchairto! But the ref is back and pulls the chair away. Unprettier on the chair! Cage covers 1…2…3.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 16:23 via pin ***
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